The Connect The Tots Playgroup Program

The Connect The Tots Playgroup Program is a service provided by Connect The Tots to help link members together who are interested in joining a playgroup. The playgroups are a great opportunity to make connections with other members who have children of similar ages and interests.  Many past participants and their children have developed long-lasting friendships within these groups.  Our playgroups continue to be a popular and growing activity for our organization.

How does the playgroup program work?

The playgroup program works in two ways.

1) If there is an open playgroup that meets your individual needs, the Director of Playgroups can place you in an established playgroup.

2) If there isn’t an existing group (groups close due to size), we can link you together with other members who are looking to form a playgroup.

If there isn’t an existing playgroup, how does a new group become established?

The Director of Playgroups keeps a list of members interested in joining a playgroup. Once we are able to link members together who have children with similar ages, we will put the members in touch with one another. It is up to the group to establish a time and place to meet.

When and where are playgroups held?

Playgroups are held at locations set by the playgroup members. Most playgroups establish a set day and time to meet and then establish a hosting schedule. Typically the play dates are held at someone’s home. However, once your group is up and running you can determine where and when you want to meet. Often times, playgroups will meet at parks, coffee shops, museums, indoor play groups, etc. Again, this can all be decided by your individual playgroup. The Director of Playgroups is not responsible for creating or tracking individual playgroup schedules.

How can I sign up for a playgroup?

If you are a new member to Connect The Tots, please indicate that you are interested in joining a playgroup and include the age of your child and or children on the membership form. You can also e-mail the Director of Playgroups to be added to the playgroup list.

How long does it take to be placed and/or form a playgroup?

If there is an open playgroup that meets your needs, we can place you fairly quickly. Otherwise, it may take several months to form your group. It just depends on the mix of members who are looking to join a playgroup at the time of your inquiry.  We will try and place you as quickly as we can.

How large are the playgroups?

Playgroups typically start out small, 3-4 people and grow from there. Individual playgroups can decide how large or small they want their playgroup to be. A playgroup can reach out to the Director of Playgroups at any time if they would like to expand the size of their group.

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